LA nemesis
LA 300B twin, single-ended 300B with a 300B driver

great sound

Lenn Art Labs work with technology for music reproduction at home. We offer quality, simplicity and elegance. "More" must not imply expensive.

When you want more...


Read about a few of my audio components and projects. Hopefully they can serve to give inspiration and example for projects of your own. Some of my components can be offered for sale.


Every amplifier I make brings something new to me. The most successful ones are presented here. About 1965 my focus was drawn to solid state amplifiers, but after year 2000 vacuum tube amplifiers have returned as my absolute favorites.


When I built my first speaker, mono ruled - then came stereo. During the years I have constructed a number of speakers, both for having fun and for playing music. A few of my projects are presented here.

Auxiliaries and tweaks

Auxiliaries and tweaks can sometimes improve on your audio gear. Most used in one of my own set-ups are a transformer volume control and an active bass filter. I have also tried to delve into the world of CD-players and DAC solutions.


I offer services to anyone interested in great sound. My services include design and construction of amplifiers and loudspeakers, as well as modification and repair.


Some users may have requirements not met by the usual market. Thus, one solution could be to design and build what is actually required. I can not only contribute knowledge and experience, but also accept development assignments.


Audio electronics can often be modified to perform better, which occasionally may be an alterate route to buying new gear. I also offer repair services for most kinds of audio electronics.


When you need audio gear measurement for documentation, performance analysis, design considerations, fault finding etc. I can offer electric as well as acoustic measurement services.


My little library of articles and links serves to contribute knowledge, inspiration and motivation.


Articles of practical use to hifi enthusiasts and, maybe even more, to Do It Yourself-ers.


This more philosophical department contains articles discussing thoughts and experience. They turn to anyone interested in deeper understandings, design considerations or to gain insights in areas not necessarily purely technical.


Small collection of links to related sites I tend to visit.