LennArt Labs great sound at home

I work with technology for great music reproduction at home. On these pages I display some of my projects. They are prinarily created for my own curiosity and joy, but I hope they can provide some inspiration also for others.


Vacuum tube amplifiers are my absolute favorites, even though I also make transistor amplifiers.



I want my loudspeakers to present the music as lively and convincing as possible.


Signal Sources

I expect my signal sources to meet, and surpass, the sound quality provided by my best amplifiers and loudspeakers.


Some things are not available to buy. Some enthusiasts have requirements not met by commercial products. Many times a solution could be to construct yourself what you need. I can assist with knowledge and experience.

  • Design and development
  • Test and evaluation
  • Measurements
  • Analysis and improvement
  • Adaptation to set requirements

Please note: The contents of these pages will change from time to time. Development is in progress, but some areas will be unpopulated for some time. Apologies for the inconvenience...